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Everyday Paradise is the first exhibition (see images above) of my ongoing long-term project Terrarium. In this project my aspiration is to study people as part of the Finnish landscape.

In Terrarium my aim is to create scenes that absorb the viewer for longer than a mere glimpse, and to achieve that I'm combining elements from art and documentary genres and using advanced lighting techniques. At first my point of view in Terrarium was purely visual. After some time, however, I noticed that the people I stopped on the streets and photographed had certain common characteristics. They all radiated some kind of positive energy; self-confidence, great warmth of heart, or simply, they were ready to smile to a complete stranger the moment we met.

When working, I do not wish to hide behind my camera. Instead, I like to actively interact with the people I photograph. Thus my images capture people's immediate reactions, pauses in their speech and moments of thought between sentences.

In the exhibition, I will also have on show a multimedia presentation on how the final images were worked on. I wish to thank photographer Kari Kuukka for expert advice and help in the the multimedia production.

I plan to be working on this series of photographs for two more years, and I'm hoping to present a nuancedportrayal of being a Finn right now. In the footsteps of the pioneer Finnish photographer I. K. Inha, I take my camera to places of my own interest and let the images come to me on their own. When completed, the project Terrarium images will be shown in an exhibition as well as published as a photography book.

Julius Koivistoinen
Helsinki, February 25, 2013