Julius Koivistoinen photography

Julius Koivistoinen
+358 50 545 3942

The Finnish Museum of Photography

I took up photography almost by accident. Looking back, I realize that when I started taking photographs I was not actually driven by passion for photography, my reasons were elsewhere. In my early teens I was into visual graphics, painting and web design. For all that I needed working material and sources, so I took some photos and little by little got carried away with it.

I spent my childhood and teen years in the notorious Eastern parts of Helsinki, and in those years I also had the privilege to visit St. Petersburg, Russia, dozens of times. Today, I consider St. Petersburg my second hometown. I have learned to appreciate the rough cityscapes of my formative years and feel very much at home in both cities.

I am 22 years old and I have studied light, explored landscapes and used my camera as an excuse to make contact with fascinating people for over 8 years. In 2010 I begun my photography studies at the Institute of Design and Fine Arts, the Lahti University of Applied Sciences. During my 4-year-long studies I plan to try out new approaches to my work and seek new horizons.

In addition to Terrarium, I focus my energy on video production and commercial work and I am also a board member in Photo Do, a Finnish association promoting documentary photography.